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  • Our Vision
    Pokarna Engineered Stone Limited is committed to the relentless pursuit of innovation in producing high quality quartz products and in doing so shall endeavour to sustain the global leadership in the stone industry.
    Our Mission
    1. Provide innovative & high quality products and services to the customers
    2. Sheer commitment to fair Business Practices
    3. Relentless efforts to surpass customer's expectations
    4. Build emotional & enduring customer relationship
    5. Foster responsible use of natural resources with utmost reverence for the Environment
    6. Adopt Eco friendly processes
  • Latest Colors / Products
    Quantra® Natural Quartz Surface at present has 64 colors catering to best of every market across all spectrums and we are constantly innovating to develop new colors...
Dream Realized

A dream envisioned in 2006 became a reality in 2009 with the setting up and operationalization of the state- of- the- art manufacturing facility in India to manufacture quartz surface. It’s a unique project and the only facility in India. This green field project has not only put us in the global perspective but also flaunted India’s ability to be the pioneers in the engineered stone industry, as well.

Patented Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process makes use of the world’s renowned BRETONSTONE® SYSTEM, which is the internationally patented technology of Breton S.p.A, Italy and Pokarna Engineered Stone Ltd, is its exclusive Licensee in India to make use of this patented technology to manufacture quartz surface. This unique process makes it possible to work and compact dry mixtures formed by stone aggregates and binding paste into quartz surface of the highest quality. Aesthetic visual of the finished products is created by the synergy of nature, size and colour of the stone materials combining with the coloring, composing and blending of the mixtures. Alternative materials like recycled glass, mirror chips, mirrors, brass and mother of pearl, jasper can also be blended to make the products more unique and innovative. The quartz products are commercially supplied and distributed across the globe under the brand name of Quantra® Natural Quartz Surface, which is the registered trade of Pokarna Engineered Stone Ltd.

This facility is equipped to manufacture quartz surface with veined appearance. It is possible to design and manufacture products having special made to measure aesthetic visuals to meet even to the most refined demand of the Architects and users.

Comprehensive quality control and checking procedures at all stages of the manufacturing process ensure that all end Quantra® Natural Quartz Surface conform to the highest standards of test values and are impeccable. The final compound product, which is not existent and available in nature, has become the most ideal product for the modern construction industry.


Pokarna’s model facility to manufacture Quantra® Natural Quartz Surface nestles eco sensitively on 1.7 million sq. ft at strategically located port city of Vishakapatnam, more commonly known as Vizag. This facility is designed not only to optimize production but, more importantly, attuned to the environment.

The latest upgraded version of Bretonstone® System ‘distributor’ section in the facility ensures uniform thickness throughout the slab. The plant also manufactures “veined looking”, “granite looking” and “fiorito” Quantra® Natural Quartz Surfaces.

The processing line allows production of Quartz Surface every two minutes and each Quartz Surface is subjected to quality tests through a designated Quality Control Station.

In addition to slabs, the facility is well equipped to produce tiles on a line that begins using a Breton JoyCut cutting unit and continues with the various chamfering and beveling processes.

Beyond slab and tile manufacturing, this unique facility also has a designated area for cut -to- size production.

Eco Friendly

For Pokarna, eco sensitive is not about raw materials alone, but includes best of the practices which are adopted in its manufacturing and conservation processes, and in preserving air quality.

Efficient use and conservation of energy is accomplished by using the latest BRETONSTONE® SYSTEM. Using the latest machinery increases productivity with the consumption of less energy. Our dust collection system not only provides a clean air environment but also uses a computer controlled, variable frequency drive system that is programmed to run at the necessary capacity level that conserves a considerable amount of electricity. We recycle 94% of the water used in our processes by making use of Italian-designed settling and filtering techniques.

Upholding Pokarna’s commitment to the environment, we have installed the technology to clean PVA agent from the slab by collecting it in a dust collection bag, thereby, preventing it from flowing along with the water. We have installed turbo ventilation system to lower temperatures in the facility and have a storm water harvesting site for water conservation, which simultaneously enhances the beauty of the landscape.

Research, Development & Innovation

Pokarna has a fully equipped centre for research, development and innovation. It is under the control of a highly experienced and qualified team of engineers who are some of the best brains in the industry. Pokarna has also placed its research and development centre at its customers disposal for undertaking any physical-chemical testing on the products.

Human Capital

Hiring the best is not enough for Pokarna. Tapping the potential to the fullest is what we endeavor to achieve. We believe that all the people hired have the potential and with adequate support, necessary motivation and with a conducive environment can deliver the best.

Food, shelter and clothing are the basic necessities in life and we have catered to that very need by providing a spacious Canteen facility. With provision for food twice a day, uniforms and safety gears are provided to the employees working at the facility. Travel facility is provided to all the employees for commuting to the facility. Going a step ahead, we not only undertake regular medical checkups but also provide medical allowance to the employees to meet other medical needs. Pokarna organises an annual sports meet to create a spirit of oneness among the employees.

To know more about us, please visit www.pokarnagroup.com

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