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    We manufacture Quantra® Natural Quartz Surface using exclusively patented technology – Bretonstone® System of Breton S.p.A, Italy.

    In our business, we are committed to create a sustainable value to our customers by providing them with the most innovative products that are in tune with the latest trends in market combined with an impeccable service.

    We shall continually improve our processes through practicing good management systems and team work.

  • Latest Colors / Products
    Quantra® Natural Quartz Surface at present has 64 colors catering to best of every market across all spectrums and we are constantly innovating to develop new colors...
Do’s & Dont’s

Quantra® is a pure natural quartz surface with debonair appearance, the feel of the natural stone, but with an unbeatable quality and panache. It is non-porous, homogenous and highly durable and resistant to scratching, staining and water absorption and is virtually maintenance free. Quantra® is manufactured using internationally patented Bretonstone® Technology. It is composed of 93 % premium grade pure Natural Quartz and 7% high quality polyester resin. Quantra® is colored using finest quality unleaded pigments which ensures the consistency of color from batch to batch. The secret behind Quantra’s groundbreaking material strength and beauty lies in high-purity NaturalQuartz, a binding polymer and heavy metal-free pigments. Quantra® is twice as impact resistant as & four times stronger than natural stone.

Quantra® makes it possible to create anything from beautiful kitchen worktops through to the most innovative flooring and cladding surface and comes with the endless possibility of adding variety of customized aesthetic elements like recycled glass or mirror chips, silicious metal, mother-of-pearl shell fragments, insertion of gracious materials such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, jade, jasper, rose quartz, etc giving Quantra® a sophisticated and matchless aesthetic appearance.

Stubborn Stains or Dried Spills

Quantra® Natural Quartz Surface is highly resistant to stains caused byolive oil, fruit juices, coffee, shower soap, wine, vinegar, washing machine soap, liquid food coloring, grapes, soft drinks, paints and automotive fluids. If accidentally any of the above is split on the tops, wipe off the stained area with any commonly available non-acidic cleaner or household detergent and then rinse with water immediately.

To remove difficult spills, soak thearea for 5-10 minutes with a non-acidic cleaner then rinse and clean away with a non-abrasive pad.
For stains that harden as they dry, such as food and gum, scrape it gently by using a small blade or a putty remover and then clean using warm water and soap.It is possible that some of the stubborn stains may leave a light mark or very slight discolouration on the stones.
Permanent markers/ink may adhere to the surface and should be avoided. Should these agents come into contact with the surface, clean first as outlined above. If the stain persists, moisten a cloth with Akemi Quartz Intensive Cleaner, or another comparable product, apply to the stain and then let the agent sit for about 15 minutes and wipe it with a clean cloth. Rinse thoroughly.

DO: Wipe up spills immediately with Akemi Quartz Clean & Care. For stubborn spills & marks use Akemi Quartz Intensive Cleaner.

DON’T: Use products that contain acids & alkalis like bleach, vinegar, glass cleaners or other household cleaners.

Heat Tolerance

Quartz Surfaces is heat resistant, but not heat proof. It can withstand exposure to normal cooking temperatures from pots, pans and dishes without being damaged. But sudden and rapid change of temperature, especially near the edge can damage the surface or crack due to thermal shock. It is recommended, however, to use trivets or hot pads, especially when using cooking units such as electric frying pans, slo-cookers, or roaster ovens and not place hot pots, pans and dishes directly onto the surface.

DO: Use trivets or hot pads under pots & pans
DON’T: Directly put electric frying pans, slo-cookers, or roaster ovens onto the surface.

Harsh chemicals

The Natural Quartz used in Quantra® coupled with high performance, stain resistant polymers results in a durable, non-porous, chemical resistant surface. Avoid exposing Natural Quartz Surfaces to strong chemicals and solvents, especially hydro fluoric acid, paint removers or furniture strippers containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride. Also, do not use abrasive alkaline (high-pH) cleaners. If any of the above comes in contact with Quartz Surface then immediately rinse the exposed surface thoroughly with water.

Natural Quartz Surfaces are relatively hard to scratch but they still can occur. Avoid using stone or harder materials directly on your countertops. Diamonds and certain stoneware dishes containing rough silica can scratch your countertops. Pizza-stones will scratch if they are spun around while cutting. Stone cutting boards are not recommended unless they have rubber feet.

DON’T: Place toiletry products directly on your countertop surface.

Sunlight Exposure

TraditionallyQuartz Surfaces are recommended for interior use only. Decolourisation and tarnishing due to ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun and the attacks of weather agents are often primary concerns when evaluating Quartz Surface for exterior use. Continuous exposure to direct sunlight could alter the color of the Quartz Surface, with constant exposure to UV rays, light colors turn yellow and dark colors fade.

DO: Use Quantra® natural surface with UV protection coat applied at Pokarna factory. Unlike other manufacturers, Pokarna is the first Company in the World to have launched a Special Series of Quantra® Quartz Surfaces which are resistant to decolourisation and tarnishing due to ultra-violet (UV) rays and to the attacks of weather agents, and also have low moisture absorption and resistance to stains, environmental pollutants, detergents, and humidity as well as freeze-thaw conditions. All of these performance factors combined make Special Series of Quantra® Quartz Surfaces an excellent choice for exterior cladding.

DON’T: Use Quantra® in external areas directly under sunlight. UV protection coat is applied at the factory don’t try this at home. UV coat can be scratched when sharp objects come in contact with the surface.

General Precautions:

Unlike laminate countertops, granite, marble and quartz countertops are very hard, but not flexible and they DO NOT have plywood backing, therefore concentrated weight at a point may cause a crack.

DON’T: Sit or stand on your countertops.

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