Quantra | Natural Quartz Surfaces


We are creative and agile. We are responsive… and responsible. Committed to an environmentally-sustainable industrial model. We are a part of a large, vibrant group of companies with interests in fashion, natural granite and engineered stone.

We are part of a large, publicly-listed company with a consistent record of growth over 25 years, winning innumerable awards and accolades along the way. Our home is India. But our vision is global.

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Our Awesome Team

We have the will... and we know the way. We are trained and ready to work with you from design to execution (including custom designed surfaces patented by you).

Our Core Strengths

Natural quartz is one of the toughest minerals known to man. Perfect for strength, beauty and hygiene. And we use Breton's unmatched, patented technology. No imitations. Period.

only quartz surface
based on the patented
technology of
Breton SpA

We Believe

We believe in complete vertical integration and command over every aspect of our business - to deliver products of impeccable quality. Every time.

We test our raw material before they enter our factories for quality and consistency. And we continue testing our products at every stage of manufacture through completion as well as packing and shipping to the highest international norms. So that the product not only leaves our factory with the highest quality, it reaches you and the end customer as promised.

State of the Art

Our three plants (two for natural granite and one for engineered stone) incorporate up-to-the-minute technology from Europe's finest.

Research & Development

We believe in training and in continuous R&D to build best practices, develop new products, ensure quality control from start to finish.


Caring for the air, the water and the earth is our very religion. We plant trees. And we clean and recycle water as well as treat effluents to global norms.

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